Holiday Nordic Baking part 2

This year I got adventurous and decided to make lefse for the very first time! Having had the pleasure of eating it growing up, I knew the quality of lefse my grandma created would be hard to achieve. The bar was set very high:)

I called my mom and asked where to begin. She quickly told me to pull out the infamous Rock Creek Cookbook and consult “Altje’s” recipe. Altje was apparently the lefse guru back in the day. She had nearly 2 pages of detailed instruction in her infamous traditional Norwegian lefse recipe. Very helpful!

I then began the process. Setting up my work station and prepping the potatoes for the dough.

The trickiest part seemed to be rolling out the lefse patties thin enough, but not too thin they tear when transferring them to the lefse grill.

Ginger loves to come inside from time to time to watch any ongoings in the kitchen.

All I can say is these lefse experts make it look easy! There is a knack to it all. Even the amounts of moisture in the potatoes and rolling technique.

My final product was not too bad, but there was definitely room for improvement. Since my first batch, I’ve watched several instructional videos and compared various recipes. I also was gifted with the beautiful new Bethany Lefse Grill from my sweet mom! The Measuring Cup, a small kitchenware business in Northfield MN, where she purchased it, even hand delivered it to me here at the farm! Pretty amazing customer service.

My hope is to begin selling my Norwegian baked goods sometime in the future! Wonderful learning experience and a carrying on of family traditions that almost are becoming a lost art!

Published by Emily Misgen

We are Dan and Emily Misgen. My husband, Dan, is a fifth generation dairy farmer on the family dairy farm in southern MN! I'm a farm wife, home baker and blue ribbon winner at the MN State Fair. Iowa is my home state and I still cheer for the Hawkeyes! We are grateful for all God has done for us. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Nordic Baking part 2

  1. I loved your post and all the photos. My husband is descended from Norwegians and loves his lefse, with sugar as you show here, or rolling up thanksgiving foods into a Nordic burrito. His neice sends them to him via FedEx at the holidays. I’m descended from Greeks and know phyllo, but not brave enough to try my hand at lefse

  2. Wow! I have always thought that must be a special art. I don’t think I have lefse more than once or twiceand that would have been decades ago. Not everyone would be so good about trying multiple recipes to improve the final product! I think of you often and we really enjoyed your Christmas photos. I enjoy your posts, Emily!!!

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